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Hey there, Things have been a bit slow these days, at least on the site, but hidden from the plain sight are a few interesting things we’re working on. The amazing success of the video ad caught us by surprise, but unfortunately, Shadow1101 decided he’ll be doing these videos on his own under his own name from now on. I know it’s a bit sad, but c’est la vie. We wish him only the best luck with his videos. That is one of the two reasons why Whispers in the Black III is still in the works. I decided to give video production a shot and so far so good. I’m using Blender for editing, which is not ideal, but it’s free. Right now I’m in the middle of making another short ad, that will hopefully be at least as successful as the previous one. Voice acting will have to […]

System PYRAMOE VC-P B53-19 Getting lost in space is bad enough, getting lost in space with a barely working ship is worse. Getting thrown into deep space without knowing how and with minimal fuel while crashing into an ice planet is just damn right F@#&ed up luck. But at least it’s not my luck, but ht luck of a guy I found stranded in the system I was recently exploring. I was just minding my own business when I picked up a really weak emergency signal from one of the planets I was scanning. I tried to hail anyone who might be sending the signal but i got no answer. Realizing that anyone who was sending the signal might not have the power to boost it enough, and thus not having the power to actually respond to my hail, I moved closer to the planet and tried again. A strange […]

If you wanted to get in on the fun, it’s the right time. The sale doesn’t apply for Horizons. I have no idea when or if the sale will end, but I guess it’s because of the upcoming Horizons expansion. Frontier store  

Our first try at an Elite: Dangerous video. Idea and video composition: CMDR Shadow1101 Audio and voice over: whisper2shade This HUD advertisement was created using assets and imagery from Elite: Dangerous, with the permission of Frontier Developments plc, for non-commercial purposes. It is not endorsed by nor reflects the views or opinions of Frontier Developments and no employee of Frontier Developments was involved in the making of it.  

System DROJU RS-W C4-5 In space the vacuum is not the only danger to you, but also its inhabitants. And I ain’t just talking about the rocks floating in space that occasionally cross your path. Yesterday as I was scouting a new system I came across an earth-like planet. Seeing an opportunity to stock up on some food, and stop living off of synthesized nutrition, I flew to the subtropical part of the planet and landed on a meadow near a forest. As I exited the ship a marvelous site greeted me. The feeling of grass under my feet reminded me of home, the meadow stretched around me and revealed a scenery of very old trees covered by moss just above the ground, and long vines hanging down from the branches. The nostalgia of this place brought me back to my youth as I remembered the days I used to […]

System AUCOKS SZ-X C 17-9 For the first time since the beginning of this endeavour, I decided to write a journal of all the things I witnessed.For instance today, as I was scanning a seemingly uninteresting ice planet since there was nothing better in the region, when my sensors detect an abnormal formation on the planet surface.

I never mentioned this before, but I really love old Science Fiction movies and stories. you know, the ones from the late 20th century. This is a story about loss, anger and revenge.