System PYRAMOE VC-P B53-19

Getting lost in space is bad enough, getting lost in space with a barely working ship is worse. Getting thrown into deep space without knowing how and with minimal fuel while crashing into an ice planet is just damn right F@#&ed up luck.
But at least it’s not my luck, but ht luck of a guy I found stranded in the system I was recently exploring. I was just minding my own business when I picked up a really weak emergency signal from one of the planets I was scanning.
I tried to hail anyone who might be sending the signal but i got no answer. Realizing that anyone who was sending the signal might not have the power to boost it enough, and thus not having the power to actually respond to my hail, I moved closer to the planet and tried again.
A strange hoarse voice of a man echoed from the com. system. Though hard to understand, the voice was quite cheerful. As I came closer to the planet the voice got clearer. I was amazed what he was doing here when he started to explain his situation.
The man was actually a trader from the Sol system. He was on the way to deliver a shipment of fruits, mainly oranges, when his Type 7 was pulled into an anomaly which he believed was an unstable wormhole that closed right after he was through.
His ship got beaten up good and he was losing fuel. With limited maneuverability he crash-landed on the planet. The wreckage of the ship confirmed his story. When I did a detailed scan of the area where the signal was coming from, I noticed something else.
The man sought refuge in a glacier digging a rather large igloo into the ice. He explained how he used one of the maneuvering thrusters as a torch and melted the ice into form. He then took all he could from the ship into the igloo in his EVA suit and pumped all the remaining oxygen into the sealed space.
The man was rather lucky as he was transporting fast-grow fertilizer with the fruits and so he could grow rather large orange trees inside of a few months. It was close there as he only had emergency rations that barely were enough until the first oranges began to grow.
He used the orange skin and pulp to make all sorts of things. Clothing, soap, toilet-paper and even a power generator. Quite an engineer there.
Strange was the fact he didn’t want me to take him with me but offered me his products for a fee. That’s capitalist federation for you. I ended the communication rather quickly as it was clear he was crazy. I mean why would he assume his orange space-suit would protect me from all known radiation, and why would a man stranded in deep space need money? This leaves me with only one conclusion: Never go into space without company!

At least the adult magazine kind of company!

CMDR Duri Traktorista out…

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