I never mentioned this before, but I really love old Science Fiction movies and stories. you know, the ones from the late 20th century. This is a story about loss, anger and revenge.

Yeah, so much for the theatrics. In reality, my expedition into the unknown parts of the galaxy was just put on hold because of a pirate. Earlier today I was travelling to Smoot Station at Chona to get some ship parts replaced and tuned for deep space exploration, but on the way I got interdicted somewhere at HIP 5700 by a despicable bastard. I can live with a broken canopy (at least for 7 and a half minutes), I can live with messed up paint job and a few cables sticking out of my hull. I don’t even mind the delay because of repairs (and that price). What pissed me off is that I had my whole old Science Fiction collection stored in the cockpit and it flew right out of my fucking front window! The bastard even had the audacity to scoop it into his cargo hold and I was left floating on life support.

broken_canopyI had 20 seconds left on the backup oxygen supply when I managed to dock at Kopal Terminal. It’s a small mining outpost at HIP 5700 and the miners are really amazing guys. I know I’ll need a complete check-up and repair eventually, but they fixed the most critical systems on my ship very quickly.

In the mean time I started looking for that bastard, who stole my most precious possessions. I managed to scan his imperial clipper before, so I just downloaded the ship’s log and found out it was piloted by a Big Cheese (That guy had to have a very special elementary school experience – no wonder he turned to piracy). With a name and a ship I now had something to go on. I tried asking around the station, but the only thing I got was a tip to go ask around at Bracewell Port.

I had a choice. Go after the son of a bitch or get my rig repaired properly first. He might use the time to get out or sell my stuff. On second thought, he was cocky. I guess he’ll stay around for a while and I can’t match him in this nearly defenseless ship. I have to fly to Chona first.

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