System Lagoon Sector FB-X C1-24

Always fly with a clear head, because even the fact that space is big and there are great voids between the planets and stars you never know what might hit you. This came abundantly clear to me yesterday as I found an alien creature living in space right after exiting hyperspace.
It had the most ridiculous figure similar to the Walpiri whale and a head that closely resembled the 16th president of a state existing back on Earth in the 19th century. I believe his name was Lincoln. The creature was also wearing a funny hat and as it was flying through space it was releasing many different colored gases. I was mesmerized by this creature right from the start and tried to catch it. I wanted to land on its back and use it as  free propulsion. After almost thirteen hours the image started to fade and my head was getting clearer.
It was then I realized I was intoxicated. As it turned out one type of fruit I previously gathered had a hallucinogenic effect that was not detected by the tox-tests, and that I was actually chasing solar emissions from the local sun.
Screenshot_0005 I was lucky that nothing happened as it would have been enough if one of those emissions would hit me and I would be… well… grilled sausage floating in space. I wonder how I would have tasted…
It would have been a waste, especially after getting so close to the Lagoon nebula. The star formation in front of me is getting dense.

Don’t get high and fly!

CMDR Duri Traktorista out…

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