System EIDAIK SO-O D7-25

The basic needs of man can be frustrating, especially when traveling through space and the equipment fails. What happened to me is the fact that my toilet died in time of great need. Looks like the vegetables and fruits I previously gathered were not that well received by my body resulting in speed-runs to the known place in unknown space. The problem is that the three shells on my toilet stopped working. I had to find a supplement and time was short as my stomach was about to explode in the worst kind of manner. After quickly searching all over the ship I found a laser scrubber (yeah the one you use to remove space dust from your ships hull).
I had to modify the frequency of the scrubber as not to be dangerous to my skin and well… use it. It took several adjustment of the laser frequency but I managed to make it work with just a small loss of hair. Although painful I never felt so “clean”. Well there is wisdom in this though: Everything bad is good for something.

But did I really had to pay such a high price for it?

CMDR Duri Traktorista out…

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