Hey there,

Things have been a bit slow these days, at least on the site, but hidden from the plain sight are a few interesting things we’re working on.

The amazing success of the video ad caught us by surprise, but unfortunately, Shadow1101 decided he’ll be doing these videos on his own under his own name from now on. I know it’s a bit sad, but c’est la vie. We wish him only the best luck with his videos. That is one of the two reasons why Whispers in the Black III is still in the works.

I decided to give video production a shot and so far so good. I’m using Blender for editing, which is not ideal, but it’s free. Right now I’m in the middle of making another short ad, that will hopefully be at least as successful as the previous one. Voice acting will have to wait a few days though, as I’ve got a cold.

Did you ever want to buy a ship with the right equipment in Elite, but couldn’t find the nearest station where you could find all the right parts in the shop? Don’t worry. That is the other thing that’s slowing me down a bit. This weekend I started coding an app, that will make the search for the right fit much easier. It’s still in early stages, but looks promising.

In the mean time, Storm is writing the fifth entry in the Duri Traktorista’s diary, so you’ll have something amazing to read in a short while.

Fly safe.

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