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We are a bunch of gamers and science fiction enthusiasts who sometimes also like to write stories about what we love.

Some of us met at the Technical University in Kosice (Whisper and Storm) where we spent a few years as roommates mostly playing games or watching science fiction movies or TV series – and studying.

After we left the University and moved to different cities (countries for some) and reality kicked in, we had to find real jobs. We stayed in contact on Skype or Facebook. Dialing down the gaming has been necessary, but we still find the time to play (Elite and Diablo right now).

Others have joined us a bit later. Hades is a childhood friend of Storm so he joined our gaming sessions after we left the university and I (Whisper) met Shadow lurking on IRC where he revealed to be a backer of Elite. Since then we’ve been flying together and talking trash.

The list wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t mention the support from like-minded friends who provide us with constant design and writing advice and corrections.