System DROJU RS-W C4-5

In space the vacuum is not the only danger to you, but also its inhabitants. And I ain’t just talking about the rocks floating in space that occasionally cross your path. Yesterday as I was scouting a new system I came across an earth-like planet. Seeing an opportunity to stock up on some food, and stop living off of synthesized nutrition, I flew to the subtropical part of the planet and landed on a meadow near a forest.

As I exited the ship a marvelous site greeted me. The feeling of grass under my feet reminded me of home, the meadow stretched around me and revealed a scenery of very old trees covered by moss just above the ground, and long vines hanging down from the branches. The nostalgia of this place brought me back to my youth as I remembered the days I used to fool around with my friend in the forest just beyond our home town on (system). I wonder if the scratches are still on the tree from our… ahem… activities.
Screenshot_0001 I took a deep breath, and headed out to search the area. It didn’t take long to find the first fruits and vegetable-like plants. I took my antigrav case and started to gather all that I could, including some strange looking pink broccoli or yellow carrots. I was almost done gathering the last of the blue peas when I suddenly felt a sharp pain in my left buttock. When I turned my head around I saw a strange snake-like creature with two legs biting me. At that very moment I screamed from the pain and started running around out of fear.
From an outside perspective it must have looked like an old cartoon, and it also ended in the same spirit as I tripped and fell on my butt followed by a loud squeaky noise that came out from beneath me and I felt an unbelievable pain in my abdomen. When I tried to stand up a large log moved with me. It was then I realized that a branch of the log was stuck in an unpleasant place. Slowly pulling the branch out I was able to stand and remove what was left of the experience from my behind, afterwards I took the antigrav case and moved back to my ship where I proceeded to bandage my anus.
After the tox-tests I went to gather more of the edible stuff and filled my ship as much as possible. When I left the planet, I had to pilot my ship in stand up position. I guess i can skip my next colonoscopy appointment.

People really do not appreciate the simple things in life.

CMDR Duri Traktorista out….

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