I’m still working on the site as I write this post. Upgrading here, improving there. I just added a chat page that connects to our own channel on quakenet. You should be able to find some of us there and have a chat, good time or whatever. Please don’t be rude to others and use the English language while you’re there.

We successfully released 2 parts of the Whispers in the Black series and two journal entries of Duri Traktorista. It’s amazing that it’s going so well.

Shadow is preparing something that will go into our future video section and I’m doing the voice overs. The bad news is, that I’m undergoing some allergic reactions from something, so my voice is not that it’s supposed to be, but maybe I can fake it somehow. 🙂

That’ll be all for today, please enjoy the stories and give feedback. We’d love to hear what you think about our creations.

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